Roblox taking down copyrighted music - how it will affect RHS1/RHS2

Please read this whole post before commenting. I get a lot of questions from people simply because they didn’t read the whole post!

If you haven’t heard already, Roblox has recently announced that starting June 18th, 2018, they will have to start taking down a lot of copyrighted music that was uploaded to Roblox, as it cannot be allowed on the website. You can see their full announcement here:

(Copyright law is complicated - but in general, if you’re not the creator of a song, and you didn’t get a special license to use the song, uploading that song to Roblox is not allowed. This is why, for example, we cannot bring back RHS’s very old copyrighted music.)

Anyway, those changes will have an effect on anyone who owns boomboxes/DJ gamepasses in ANY Roblox game. Some popular songs will probably have to be deleted from Roblox for copyright reasons. If your favorite song suddenly can no longer be played in any games, that is the reason why.

How will this affect RHS1? I’m honestly not sure yet. It depends on how many songs actually get taken down. I believe the boombox and DJ passes will still be allowed, you just won’t be able to play the songs that Roblox took down. Unless Roblox tells me otherwise, I have no plans of changing how RHS1’s boombox/DJ work. Boomboxes and DJ will NOT be removed.

For RHS2 though, we will need to go back to using pre-selected CDs, this time using brand new royalty-free music. Boomboxes and DJ will still exist in RHS2, you’ll just have a list of music to choose from instead of typing in your own IDs. This will ensure that RHS2 never runs into any music-related trouble ever again!

Also remember that these takedowns aren’t actually Roblox’s fault. Some big music company probably complained to Roblox and ordered them to take down a bunch of songs (but that’s just my own guess).

Just wanted to give you all a heads up so you know what to expect. Hopefully the takedowns don’t have too big of a negative impact!


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