Roblox + Teamspeak Connection

I’m wondering if it’s possible to connect Roblox and the third-party VoIP program Teamspeak. I plan on attempting to create a Radio system that allows connection to an in-game resource and to the Teamspeak program, to allow for a realistic and immersive simulation.

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i dont think it is possible, unless you find a way to connect roblox with the teamspeak developer api.

Okay, and how does connecting things from Roblox to external resources work? I believe I know that to do webhook sends from Roblox to Discord, you need to do some proxy stuff, so what’s that like? Just general information that I could research further, no full explanation needed, wouldn’t mind one though.

No, it’s not possible. You’d have to send audio data and Roblox’s API doesn’t allow for an apt bitrate.

Oh no, I was just looking to send information like the Teamspeak Channel name, who is talking at the time, etc., nothing with talking through Roblox.

I’m not familiar with Teamspeak’s API but you might be able to. You’d be sending a lot of HTTP requests, though, depending on the scale of your game/resource. It would be very hard to avoid rate limits.

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I don’t know if you’ve already seen this, but TheDevKing scripted something similar, where different areas of the map connected you to different voice channels on Discord.

I think what you’re talking about is entirely possible, so I think this is a good start.


Okay bet, thank you and everyone else so much! I think this tutorial will help me with Roblox external connections. I appreciate all the information.

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