Roblox Terrain or Part Terrain?

I am currently in the final stages of development with one of my games and have come across a section of the project that will require me to build an outdoor space.

I am wondering/concerned that use of Roblox’s terrain will cause performance issues within my game and is something I have been warned about. The space that would be made is no bigger than the default Roblox baseplate, but I am still concerned that it could cause issues?

What would be the best way to go about this?


Depends on what the game is like. Due to the LOD system, players with low graphical settings might end up seeing objects through terrain. This makes it infuriating for genres that rely on sneaking or shooters as you either end up getting a built-in ESP or shooting at something that looks like a clear shot, but there’s a small hump of invisible terrain in the way.

As for the performance, smooth terrain is very well optimized and the difference will be almost negligible. Loading times might be a bit longer though.


Another thing to add on with terrain LoD is that with complex hills, the player might not be visible though the it.

It won’t cause lag. Don’t “hollow” out terrain (as sometimes it creates more performance issues than not) and you should be good.

If you somehow run into FPS issues, maybe try limiting yourself to how much terrain decoration you use (grass).