Roblox terrian help

I was wondering if it’s possible that you can change Roblox terrian grass color from diff areas around the map? something like this but with grass. and like genshin impact

Do you mean as in a Transition of Biomes or a Transition between a Region (As in it will change all Grass color, Fog, etc)

For the First, It is sadly impossible, you can probably create Materials but I’m not sure about Terrain

For The Second, You can, You would go through workspace.Terrain.Material, then you would pick your Terrain and change its Color, and with Fog, it would need to change:
if you arent using an Atmosphere

I see Roblox should make something like that in the future. instead making 4 diff games, with diff terrian designs. and just have it all in one map

Roblox terrian help

how can you make a map like this with roblox terrian?

You could ‘cheat’ a little and recolour Terrain Materials that are similar to grass to make them appear like grass of a different colour.

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