Roblox: The Multilingual Metaverse?


We all know Roblox is part of the multiverse. The multilingual multiverse, that is. Have you ever joined a game only to realize in a few seconds that the other players spoke a different language than you? It could be frustrating when you can’t communicate with another user.

For many of us, English was not our first language. Because it is the language of the Internet, it might’ve taken months or years to finally start playing with the majority of Roblox users.

But what about languages that make up the rest of the Roblox community? What if the game stayed silent because nobody could comprehend each other?

Big Question

What if we didn’t have to be separated by language barriers on Roblox?

A translator might come to use, but translating might require leaving the game and losing that server or be extremely slow. What if you need to communicate the very second words pop into your head?

Big Idea

What if we could learn languages through Roblox games?

I’m sure many of you have heard about @boatbomber’s Lua Learning game. I bet that because of it, you didn’t have to depend on random users in a Roblox game’s chat to learn Lua. This is the problem for many Robloxians. There is no designated game for language learning. Many are struggling to learn off of whatever resources they have.

Today I had an idea: “What if there was a Roblox game focused on language education?”

This game would demonstrate a single-player environment and mostly be revolved around GUIs with dictionaries, courses, and spelling.

I’m sure this idea will be beneficial to many, but there are also some cons.


  • Destroying language barriers
  • Free
  • Anyone can learn
  • Encourages more learning with the motivation of one day being able to talk to other Robloxians
  • Can benefit the user with real-life oppurtunities


  • Takes a lot of money. (Ads, developers, audios, etc.)
  • Not all words can pass the Roblox filter
  • Translation is not always accurate

I have yet to start scripting this idea, so what are your thoughts? Would be it useful in order to bring the Roblox community together?

your pal Quack :duck:

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So in other words, roblox duolingo?


Quite literally, but instead, would prioritize English and other languages used in an online environment in a game-like style.


You ain’t gonna believe this but the devforum actually has a section about how to better implement educational things on the platform. #help-and-feedback:education-support

Nobody ever uses the section as it’s intended though, and due to the literal zero moderation there it’s completely unusable because of it.


Do you think the category would better suit this topic?

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It would certainly be a good idea

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Multilingual Roblox? More like Roblox Education Edition…
If you want better internationalization an auto real time translation system in the chat would be enough.

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Don’t think you read my post, lol. I mentioned a “game-like” style. Would be like Lua learning but instead linguistic languages.

You mentioned that an auto translator would be enough, but that’s like not knowing how to script so you get another person to write all your scripts for you. You’ll end up helpless without it.

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The players doesn’t want to play a boring game made by a guy with barely any teaching experience, who thinks his motivations can allow him to beat million dollars softwares.

Learning itself is already very fun, making it a game while not having any revolutionary teaching methods just makes it distracting.

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It’s not a competition, just a way to learn. An example, Lua Learning is not trying to beat a coding camp, it’s another way to learn. There are multiple paths toward the same destination. Also, I’m a girl, thank you very much.

Not everyone thinks learning is fun, unlike you and I. The point is not the redefine language learning, but to bring the Roblox community together. It wouldn’t necessarily be distracting as the entirety of the game is revolved around learning languages.

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Your intentions are good, it is to help children learn languages.
But do you have a plan? If you do, you’ll probably understand the difficulty.
Languages teaching is a professional skill, and it’ll require a lot of effort, time and money to develop a good educative system.

It really depends on what you want to do, to make conversations more convenient or to truly teach Roblox players new languages?
If for the latter, you’ll have to seriously think about it since it’ll take you years.

Sorry for being rude before, I was impatient. Have a great day Grace :duck:!


No plan yet, just an idea so far. Because it’s expensive as you mentioned, it might just have to depend on outside funding.

It will be more focused on being conversationally fluent and earning vocabulary used everyday in games.

That’s alright, have a great day yourself! :slight_smile:

If you’re working in Portuguese or Romanian, you’re censoring a form of ‘with a’ and ‘with’, respectively.
If you’re translating into Czech, you may have a hard time expressing your indifference to some stuff.
Just wait until you have to explain what a vertical bar (i.e. ‘dikey çubuk’) is in Turkish.
Also, the word ‘thick’ may be censored in Dutch.

The rest explains itself.


Original in Russian language:

Идея благая, но мало осуществимая.
Я даже не буду перечислять то, что необходимо для привлечения будущих игроков/учеников в данную игру.

Я просто посмотрел сколько мне - русскому нужно узнать для понимания английского?

Если регулярно учить всего по десять слов ежедневно, примерно через 3 месяца вы сможете общаться свободно! Кстати, для понимания 65% письменного материала достаточно 300 единиц.

Т.е. самый минимум это 300 пар слов русский-английский. При чём которые должны быть однозначно определённые (не иметь второго или скрытого значения).
И это только в пример одного языка.

Далее будет идти словообразование и связывание слов в предложения. Ведь мало приятного в том, что твою речь будут воспринимать как мычание туземца.

Google translate to English:
The idea is good, but not feasible.
I will not even list what is needed to attract future players / students to this game.

I just looked at how much I need to learn Russian to understand English?

If you regularly learn just ten words a day, after about 3 months you will be able to communicate freely! By the way, 300 units are enough to understand 65% of the written material.

Those. the minimum is 300 pairs of Russian-English words. Moreover, which should be uniquely defined (not have a second or hidden meaning).
And this is just an example of one language.

Next will be word formation and linking words into sentences. After all, it is not pleasant that your speech will be perceived as the lowing of a native.

Hi Grace! Completely fresh new DevForum member here, I just felt like I had to mention upon seeing this really cool thread that I just recently sort of created alongside some of my friends a concept very similar to that in a hangout-styled Roblox game. I call it the Language Learning Space. I intended for it to be a place where people can upgrade some of their vocabularies in a foreign language or even English by talking to natives from that language. This is a project of mine that I could probably see fulfilling its educational purpose of teaching new languages, so long as the goal of breaking language barriers is achieved.

It is quite evident that any type of automated translation would mess up on occasion for single-word sentences. As an example, the word “Hola” as in “Hello” in Spanish also means “Hour” if you translate it from Hawaiian. I feel like the game idea is very good and it could be executed well if maybe instead of having this big emphasis on GUIs and theoretical research of languages, you just let the players communicate amongst each other with, as aforementioned, translated messages! I don’t quite see apps like Duolingo to be very ideal for language study and learning, mostly because they give you simple sentences, try to get you to memorize them, and don’t actually provide you a way to communicate with natives constantly. It’s always the same dilemma: If you interact a lot with a specific language, you are bound to learn it even if very slowly. If I spent a decade in Japan, I would come back speaking at the very least very proficient, if not completely fluent Japanese.

I’m going sort of off-topic though, my apologies. If it would be of your liking, here is a link to the game in question. (try perhaps typing something in chat in a foreign language that you know!)

Roblox isn’t a metaverse or a multiverse.