Roblox Titanic Egg Hunt Mission 2019 (V2.45)

Happy Easter everyone!

V2.45 Trailer!

Roblox Titanic is in the official Roblox Egg Hunt for 2019, as one of many games that are side missions from the entire Egg Hunt game itself. Virtual Valley Games was honored at this opportunity and we made the best and most appropriate mission we could think of, and a hat was designed specifically for winning our mission. Presenting Eggtanic!

The mission is designed to be very simple! The Roblox Titanic Socalite, which happens to be a Roblox Toy already, needs your help!
Everyone awoke with the news from their Stewards that it is time to wake up and put their lifebelt on! A thief stole her luggage during the time people started congregating in the Grand Stair Case.

The luggage is then dropped somewhere in E Deck, and no body knows what happened to the thief.

There are 9 possibilities of where the stolen luggage could be, you must look around to find it, and get it back to her, all while the ship is sinking. Hope you know your way around E-Deck!

Once you get her luggage back you will be rewarded with Eggtanic!

So what about after the Egg Hunt is over?
This sets the groundwork for future missions for the game, and the possibility of more NPCs to interact with.

Other updates in V2.45
*Made the default ship the Lite for new players, and gave out a Ship Detail choose menu for everyone. High Detail can still be chosen from inside the lobby! If you click the Exit button on the Detail choose menu when you first join, it will load in the ship that you currently have set to your default ship.

Please let our game have your thumbs up if you enjoy our work as we continue to give you guys the best free to play multiplayer Titanic simulation experience anywhere on the internet!

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