Roblox Titanic V2.25 Update Log

Update Trailer!

Major updates:

-Light dimming

-New lobby

Feature improvements:
-Font of game changed to be more readable (Airel)
-Dome break is now after the clock goes under
-If you are in the grand staircase under the dome during the implosion, you may take damage and not be able to swim or use your lifejacket as the force is simply too much
-You don’t need to have the exact capitalization for codes anymore, remember, codes are found in the group shout each update
-On mobile the position of the menu open button has been changed from the top right to the center left
-Captains can now vote in the Wheelhouse on whether or not players can be seated in the emergency lifeboats before it is time to set them up

Bug fixes:
-The ‘checker board’ terrain/realistic + part/default water glitch has been fixed
-The roleplay messages for the 2012 sinking theory are timed to be more accurate
-One of the (currently 2) extra teleports for Crew Member fixed
-Bubble chat glitch fixed

Lag fix attempts:
-Ships are now stored in-game differently which should help with load times
-The lobby is ‘preloaded’ which means you should see the entire lobby asap when you join the game
-The ship is ‘preloaded’ which means you should be able to load the ship quicker

Known problems caused by this update fixing asap:
-The movie maker menu for movie maker owners may disappear and not come back after you have gone into the viewing tower camera sequence
-Load in with no Titanic ship shown at all
*Edit: The above items should be fixed for new servers (The VIP Server Controls font will be Arial for new servers, didn’t change version number over this)

Thanks for all the memes, hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy this update until the next major one, December 22nd

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