Roblox-to-Discord Bypass Service (no longer functional)

As of 2019-09-23, this webhook proxy is not functional. Please don’t add to your game at this time.

Similarly to Osyrs’ service, my service was made at around the time Discord blocked all requests coming from Roblox’s servers’ user agent. However, I never bothered to advertise on the forum, which was actually apparently an effective audience to advertise for. However, what makes this service is how each individual request is formatted. A visual for how to format the request can be seen here:

Later, I had released a video on YouTube in order for my product to reach a wider audience. Even though it didn’t bring in more clients, it is still informational for those who those who are lass experienced in Lua itself.

Since 2019-01-08, this bypass service has been made open-source and is now linked to a repository of mine on GitHub.

Here is additional information that should be disclosured:

  • All entries will be saved on a database unless you explicitly request otherwise. This is done to keep analytics of which clients start and terminate using the service, what they use it for, and for how often they use it.
  • People have consistently criticised this service for not respecting rate limits. Although there was no evidence presented in backing this claim yet (I could be oblivious), the service is supposed to return whatever HTTP service code the request sent directly to the webhook returns. If the webhook exceeds its limit, the service should return a 429 error.
  • Due to the limits imposed by the domain provider, this service is idle between 10:00 and 11:00 UTC. As of 2018-07-20, they have abolished their downtime policies.

If you have further questions, reply to this post.


What are the benefits over Osyris’s service? Osyris’s is much more superior as far as I can tell especially because it does rate and error handling for you, doesn’t have scheduled downtime, and the interface is much neater (webhook is not passed as parameter, but resolved from the address).

What does this mean? Why would you do that if it’s not needed? (since people can request not to have this happen)

This is a big turn-off for serious projects because Roblox is a 24/7 community and games are played around the clock.


You’re right though; his service doesn’t have downtime and has an easier to implement user interface. I advertised this service simply because I have the right and incentive to.

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If you need help hosting, i have a webserver, and as many databases as you would need.
With no limitations (business plan)


Nice! Did you purchase it, or do you personally host it? Never mind; you said that it’s ‘business plan’, whcih denotes that you bought it.


It’s rented, i rent it for 3 years so far.
I’ve been having that plan since 2010. Using Hostinger, that owns 000webhost.
I have a lot more control and no downtime.
Even using cloudflare.

My service uses 000webhost as well, so can you get transferred the domain

What do you mean by transfaring the domain?
We can’t just move domains forth and back.
Also, why do you want my domain?

Also mine isn’t on 000webhost, as that is a sub domain of Hostinger.

And that i use, and a few others, are the main domains of hostinger.

By ‘transferring’, I mean changing that subdomain’s name so that you can set your website’s subdomain to that. I was asking if you can take that subdomain because there are plenty of people who already use that service.

WAIT! The owner of this account just checked the website’s settings on 000webhost, and it appears that they no longer do downtime!

Is it a “free” plan website?
I’m not quite sure what you ment with changing subdomains name.
I can add subdomains to what i want.
But do you mean “redirect” Sending people to that url?
Like this (note this doesn’t have a ssl yet.)
Or do you mean like

Never mind about that; the one hour downtime previously imposed is now gone.

Tbh hostinger is bad. They keep my website to today even that I havent paid it for half an year. Also much issues. Recently they resetted my dns, because their error.

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It’s a good concept and it’s good work done here. However I personally prefer @Osyris’s solution as I use it 24/7.


Will you be restricting usage? As currently we push over 100k pieces of data every day!

None of my clients use the service this often. So unless a client would have to do that, not yet; Discord (and thus the service) would return a 429 error if the limit is reached.

It’s up to you.

And 000webhost sometimes unexpectedly ‘partially’ signs you out when saving or opening files. That is, it signs you out of the file directory page, but not of the whole service?

I’ve got some attention from the bypass king himself! What a day!

PS: is your service redirect all API calls to their respective Discord endpoints, and does it support all of the original API endpoint’s parameters (ie embed)?