Roblox to Discord HTTP wrapper v1.0 Stable


Hi, I was studying the Roblox HTTP service, and I found out the cool stuff that you can do with it, so I decided to make my own wrapper for it.

How it works?

It’s an open-source project made by me, that allows you to create and send embeds faster. You can also use it to send commom messages.

Just create a new variable with whatever name you want and assign it as the API embed template, and fill it! Roblox Studio also gives you the the objects available, just type . after your embed variable.

Available properties: Title, Description, Url, Color, Timestamp, Image{}, Thumbnail{}, Footer{}, Author{}, Fields{}

local API = require(game.ServerScriptService.HttpWrapper)

local Embed = API.Embed
Embed.Title = "Hello, world!"
Embed.Description = "Cool description!"
Embed.Color = 3408005

API:Send("WEBHOOK_LINK", "Incoming embed!")

Exemple embed:

If you want to learn more and examples:
It’s very simple but I hope it helps! :sunglasses:

Suggestions are welcomed.


Cool system! This is really helpful!

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