ROBLOX Tower Defense

[center][size=5]ROBLOX Tower Defense[/size]
by Naxic


I found this game to be one of the most refined tower defense games on ROBLOX. Not only does it include a multitude of maps, but features ranging difficulties and a wide variety of enemies, towers, and effects. In order to play effectively, you must utilize each tower’s abilities to cohesively form a battle strategy that maximizes each tower’s damage output. Though this game hasn’t been updated for a full year, there are minimal bugs and I fully enjoyed my two hours spent playing until round 134.

Check it out today!

Some pictures:


Some tips:

  1. Combine towers for effects - use a fire tower, then a water tower, and finally a lighting tower to maximize damage.

    • Fire towers set blocks on fire.
    • Water towers put out the fire, whilst dealing extra damage.
    • Lighting towers not only deal extra damage, but their attacks chain together against wet blocks.
  2. Utilize slows and freezing, but don’t put a frost tower next to a fire tower! I suggest putting a frost tower between a water tower and a lightning tower.

    • Slows work exceptionally well when placed in a large cluster of damage dealing towers

(!) 3. Use the Holy tower early on - there are enemies that go undetected unless you have a holy tower.

- Holy towers start off fairly weak, but when fully upgraded (fully upgrading a holy tower is expensive - don't try this early on) a holy tower is insanely powerful, dealing tons of damage to every enemy in its range of attack.
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Spent a good hour playing this game. Really addicting. GUI’s may glitch a little bit sometimes.
Honestly, the creator should get back into working on it. You mentioned it wasn’t updated for a full year! It would be great to see what he does with it.