Roblox Train Animation & Physics

I’m currently working on a Train Simulator, and I want to improve my LinearVelocity driving system. I want to make a rig animation where the tracks makes a little offset motion such as bouncing up and down, swaying left to right, etc. Probably something like this: LIRR M9 Front Window Penn Station to Jamaica - YouTube

The issue is that if I use any type of animation on my train CFrame, Tween, Lerp, etc. The animation will ruin the train. I want to find a way to prevent the animation from interfering with the physics of the train.

I’ve tried using suspension to give my train that dynamic shaking affect and it has worked!

(This footage was recorded a long time ago, but this method will still work.)
However, trains only make the offset motion because of the suspension and the train tracks are uneven. If I try to make it like that on Roblox, it’ll be super laggy and harder to manage since my Rails are meshes.

Perhaps the trains aesthetics could be completely separate from the actual physics parts?
You could make it so the actual visual parts are anchored and cancollide-false and are placed into position on render step.

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how did you do this, can you tell me because I’ve been making a 1995 stock and it does the same effect

It makes the tilting effect from BallSockets, but do you use Springs or TorsionSprings to make it bounce?