Roblox Tshirt Bypass Issue

I don’t know why this hasn’t been fixed yet…

Everyday more and more bypassed t-shirts are created.
I talked to a clothing designer that makes bypassed t-shirts

Most of these shirts are too inappropriate and I don’t want to risk my dev forum membership.

Here is what the clothing designer told me.
You can put anything you want on your t-shirt as long as it is white, when moderators review clothing it has a white background and they wont be able to read any message in white.

I feel a solution for this would maybe be random white and black bars when moderators are going through t-shirts, or maybe a gif that fades white and black as the background.

These shirts make roblox look like they aren’t doing their job when they are, this flaw in the system needs to be fixed.


I believe that this should be in #development-discussion.

I would put it in there. But I can’t.

post aproval would help you get it there if the post is properly formated.

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The Shirt:

What admins see:

What players see:

“LET ME #### YOUR #####”

Use the post approval system. Please don’t show inappropriate texts.

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