ROBLOX Tutorial - Cinema 4d Basics #1



Learn the very basics of Cinema 4d with this tutorial I have made. Cinema 4d can be used for making renders, animations, and other accessories for your development workflow. Stay tuned with my channel, new tutorials for roblox released daily.


Cinema 4D? Not my kind of 3d modeling program.


This covers the basics in a good way. I felt I got a decent grasp of how to get started with Cinema 4D (if I were to give it a try). Good work!
Some constructive feedback would be to split the video up into smaller videos. It can be a bit tedious to watch through the entire video (30 mins) if you only look for a very specific portion of it. To avoid having to re-record, you could split the video up in segments with titles and have an overview of what instruction starts where on the timeline.

I would consider swapping out the intro, though. For a while I thought you had sent us to the ultimate troll video, and my volume was not adjusted for the intense sound at the beginning. :wink:


Thanks for the feedback, to counter the long issue for now, I went on ahead and provided timestamps in the description. And haha, the intro is a place holder, plan to make a real intro soon.


A more professional intro is needed