ROBLOX Tutorial - Rendering Characters in Cinema 4d #5


Probably the easiest and mostsimple way to render a character in Cinema 4d. You will need basically C4D knowledge before watching, so I suggest you tutorial No. 1 and .2

final result will be similar to this


Could you please do one Similar to the picture? Thanks!


Is it just me or would Blender Cycles do a way better job of fixing these sampling and lighting issues:

(If you send me the .obj and .mtl I can show you what the render would look like in Blender for comparison)


Yes, blender cycles would do way better because its generally a better render engine than c4d standard/physical. But for people who don’t really have the specs to use cycles, this would get the job done for them.


seems like a usefull tutorial, well i just use blender instead of c4d because i understand blender more, heres one of my recents renders


I use cinema myself, renders are better than blender in my opinion, and is easier to use.


To be honest it really doesn’t matter.
They’re both modeling software and are both capable of doing stuff in their own ways. Hence some people prefer one over the other, but that’s personal preference really. :smiley:


Blender cycles is far superior for several reasons. C4D’s renders are far better than renders in blender internal though


You do realize you can just disable reflections like this if needed? You can even modify them if needed to make them less plastic looking, too.


The issue is the poor sampling that makes his gun look like a bad TV signal, not the reflections specifically.


For the people actually doing this, some additional tips:
In the physical tab, change the quality from low to medium or high (this will increase the quality of your renders without any extra effort, it only takes slightly longer!).
Experiment with different focal lengths on the camera, every focal length gives a different perception of the character. A short focal length will force you to move closer to the subject, and this will also make the character appear closer to you. Same could be said about long focal lengths, you’ll get less ‘lens distortion’ and it looks as if you took the ‘photo’ from further away.
Something fun to experiment with which is really handy:
If you enable Depth of Field (in the physical tab), you can add additional realism to the picture. This is especially handy if you are using HDRIs on highly reflective objects, since it ‘blurs’ out the reflections realistically.
This can also be used if you for example have a guy looking down the barrel of a gun and you want the focus of the render to be on the head of the character. (And here, the tip of the gun will be blurry and makes the blur slowly fade out towards the head, which will be in focus.)

Something else you can try, if you’re going for render of a face, close up; you might want to make a custom head with a high polygon count. The standard roblox head, when exported, looks rather low-poly and messy with phong applied.


I wonder how Cinema4d’s ProRender would look in comparison. I rarely use Stander/Physical, Octane Render blows all of them out of the water.