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Version 0.0.1
Added Scopes, Etc


  • Snipers, Scopes
  • Aiming Bug Fixed
  • Added Vip Gamepass
  • Upgraded Binoculars To A More Advanced Thing
  • Upgraded Shield To FirstPerson



1, 2, 3 Etc - Equip Weapons

Right Click - Aim

Q & E - Toggle Left/Right Lean

F - Cock The Gun

C & X - Change Stances

V - Change FireMode

U - Install Suppressor

M - Check Ammo In Mag

Left CTRL - Interaction Menu

Mouse Wheel Up/Down - Change Holster Position

Shift - Sprint

G - Open/Close Doors

B - Use Tripods (Not In Use Yet)

Intreraction Menu’s Keybindings:

Team - Change You’re Team Color

Attach Repel - Attach Repel To Where You Are Aiming

Interaction - More Interactions (Bruh)

Fortify - Fortify The Wall Which Disables Breaching

Breach - Plant Timer Breaches

Medic - Access Medical Inventory


**This game is not done and doesn’t really have a release date yet, It’s in early development and is far from DONE.

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