Roblox update broke game

I’m stuck at work for five hours but apparently my games have been rendered unplayable by what seems to be a ROBLOX update. The games’ intro doesn’t play anymore regardless of what version I set it to. I have no idea why and I can’t investigate for another five hours, in the meantime my games are getting bombarded with dislikes for something that I don’t even know was my fault. There’s no apparent errors showing up in the console, so I have no clue what’s going on. Is anyone else experiencing weird behavior from these updates?

EDIT: Apparently everything went south at about midnight ROBLOX time (whatever time zone that is)

Which game is this?

Your game hangs on this line:

if PlayerGui:WaitForChild("ControlGui"):FindFirstChild("BottomLeftControl") then PlayerGui.ControlGui.BottomLeftControl.Visible = false end

Because ControlGui is not parented to PlayerGui any more if mouse lock is disabled.

…since when?

Either way, thanks.
I take it there’s no way for you to push that change to the live game? I’m stuck at work for another two and a half hours. :confused:

This is part of the core scripts update from last night, here’s the relevant GitHub change:

And no, I can’t push an update to your game.

Yea I figured that was a shot in the dark. Thanks for the help though.

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