Roblox UWP App Uses Old Player List

Bug Information

Devices running Windows 10 can install a Roblox UWP( Universal Windows Platforms) app from the app store, however the app still uses the old player list.


Notable Observation

The bug happens on every game that doesn’t force the new player list or have a custom one. Just to reiterate, the bug only occurs when using the UWP app.

Additional Information



Can confirm my friend has the issue with that app.

I think this is caused by updates for the app being delayed to get reviewed by Microsoft.

It doesn’t take weeks for Microsoft to review new app updates. In fact, according to Microsoft, the longest it would take is up to 24 hours.

The new player list has been out for a while now, so this is not the case. This is something on Roblox’s end, not Microsoft.

A friend of mine makes some apps for the Microsoft store. While Microsoft says it can “take up to 24 hours”, I’m pretty sure I observed him shipping updates at a slower pace than that at least once, I believe its a 4 step process. (Up to a week? from memory, but I’m not entirely sure).

With that said, the new player list has been out for quite a while, so I think its more likely that you’re correct in that its on Roblox’s side.

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