Roblox VC verification help

As I am a member of the Roblox developer forum will I get VC or will I still have to put an ID?
Thank you!

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Having an account on the Roblox Developer Forum doesn’t verify your age. Putting an ID does.

To answer your question, you will need to put an ID. :grin:

Alright, thank you!
I have a question though, what if my passport is expired? Am I still able to get VC?

I don’t really know about that. There is a chance it might pass through the verification. From what I have seen the app only cares about the photo and birthdate. I wouldn’t recommend trying it though.

Also, if it doesn’t work on your main account don’t try it on alts. If it verifies on your alt, roblox remembers your identity and will block any attempts to verify on other accounts that aren’t linked to your alt. It took me 6 months for it to expire and be able to verify on my main account.

Thank you for telling me this, I tried with the expired passport but it did not work. But I really appreciate the help. :+1: