Roblox Verification Badge Query (Do I qualify)

I’ve recently hit 2M Robux accumulated from games within the last 90 days, and was wondering if it is possible to get the Verification Badge.

I understand that the Roblox Article says that I need 200k Sales to achieve this badge, but my question is whether those 200k Sales need to be within the 90 day period also, as I only have 100K within the last 90 days, (but way more overall)


Thanks for any help :+1:


The sales do not have to be from the last 90 days.

The wording in the article suggests that you need 2M+ Robux generated within 90 days and at least 200K+ total sales, which are not restricted to the 90 day time frame.

FYI: Assuming that you’re seeking to get the verified badge on your account, items created under a group and free UGC limiteds do not contribute to the sales you need to meet the requirement.

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