Roblox Verification Bot

:warning: Project Discontinued

You can no longer effectively host Discord bots on glitch in accordance to their Terms of Service. You will need to host this bot on an actual host for it to be online 24/7, I recommend this article in learning how to do so.

:arrow_right: This thread exists purely for educational purposes. The methods throughout are dated, and have much room for improvement. I will not be updating this bot anymore, including changing languages. Please see the replies before asking questions.

Original Post

It’s about time someone open-sourced a Roblox Verification bot for Discord. So, that’s exactly what I did when all of the big bots for Roblox Verification were down. Also simple things shouldn’t be restricted behind a paid subscription like better uptime.

I’ve created a Roblox Verification bot that you can get for yourself here utilizing RoVer’s Public API.

Getting Started

  1. Go here, edit the project, then remix it.
  2. Navigate to the config.lua file, here’s where the magic is setup.
  3. If you don’t already, create a Discord Bot application and paste the token in the token spot.
  4. Fill in all the empty values, everything is described in the file.
  5. Open the terminal and refresh the project. More detailed steps on how to do so are in the

How do you make a Discord Bot Application?

Firstly, go to the developer portal and create an application and give it a name.

Next, go to the Bot tab.

After that, click Add Bot, this will reveal a page that looks like this:

Click the copy button to have your bot’s token copied to your clipboard, you will use this in config.lua. Additionally, I recommend checking the “Public Bot” option off.

How do I invite my bot?

On the applications page, click your bot. This will reveal a page like this:

Copy the Client ID and replace it in this URL:{CLIENT_ID}&scope=bot&permissions=8

Q & A

I need help or I found a bug!

You can PM me on the DevForum.

Can I use this in more than one server?

No. This will not work nor is it designed to work in more than one guild.

Will you update this bot?

Yes, I will update the bot with more commands or bug fixes as they occur.

Can I add my own commands?

Absolutely! The bot is written in Discordia, knock yourself out.

Final Remarks

Feel free to improve the code, report bugs, and edit the project to your heart’s content.
Do not publish this bot as your own or as a public bot for multiple guilds to use.

Thanks for reading!


This looks really cool from reading the post, but I was wondering why I would want to use this bot over just hosting RoVer myself, which is also open source, to avoid downtime. Especially because RoVer supports multiple servers and I assume has more customization.

Could you explain some of the benefits of hosting this bot over self-hosting RoVer?


Easy! RoVer offers absolutely 0 help with self-hosting their bot. Therefore, if you make any mistakes along the way, you can’t turn to them for help. Also, RoVer has fallen behind in quality recently, this version is more up-to-date and user-friendly.

Lastly, it’s written in LUA, meaning that most people with knowledge on how to script here on Roblox should have no problem editing the project to customize the bot to their use case.


Do you plan on adding support for multiple servers? Also, does your bot respect the API limitations that the public RoVer API has?

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The commands are put on a cooldown, they should get nowhere near RoVer’s ratelimit.
I don’t plan on adding support for multiple servers unless there’s a popular demand for such.

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Finally a ROBLOX Verification Bot that works omg! Thank you so much for this.


It’s cool to have a Roblox Verification Bot for Roblox discord servers, will be neat for new discord servers or ones that might need a upgrade to this one.

Usually RoVer in some servers don’t do well since we can’t get some help from them.

Thanks a lot for this, appreciated a lot! :+1:


Really good!

Thank you for this!

Keep up the good work.


Its Really Good!

I might use it for my game Thank you so much, Keep up the good work



I’ve used this for over 3 projects now and having the support to set it up (unlike RoVer) has been phenomenal!

Thank you!


Wish I’d seen this sooner. Would’ve saved me time the other day when I made my own RoVer-compatible bot :+1:


Is this bot 24/7?

If It’s being hosted on Glitch, then you could use an UptimeRobot Monitor to keep checking the Glitch Page so It goes down rarely. That’s the way I use glitch (but usually I just use servers I own).

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Glitch is a very bad way of hosting non-web applications - people have to hack together solutions like uptime pingers. It is free, though, so for amateur projects it does the job well.

If you’re using this at any scale past a few dozen members, I’d recommend hosting it on a server, or perhaps a service like Elastic Beanstalk.

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I have another question.

Is there anyway I can install more Luvit Packages onto glitch?

(lit install package is an unknown command)

Edit: it’s ./lit install PACKAGE
Example: ./lit install SinisterRectus/discordia

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According to the Discord API sever, there’s no way to do so…you can do it manually though. The version that is displayed here is up-to-date Discordia wise, though.

I asked in Discord API and it is possible.

  1. You need to install Luvit first.
    curl -L | sh

  2. You can now install packages. (You Need The ./ Prefix)
    ./lit install SinisterRectus/discordia

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Please note
As mentioned previously, you cannot host a bot for free on Glitch anymore. Glitch has blocked pinging services (e.g. UptimeRobot), and have made it against their Terms of Service.

Now, as an alternative, you can use But BEWARE: you must pay to make your project private. Therefore, you must store personal data (such as the bot token) in a “.env” file which others cannot see, and then use processes to get the token into index.js.

qBot is an open source Roblox-Discord ranking bot, who uses and UptimeRobot, and a .env file. Have a look at their guide here to see how to use for a bot (I don’t own it; just a good example for using repl). **The bot in post 1 is still what I recommend you use for this post. It’s a good bot! But having a look at qBot will show you how to use this bot on repl.

Hope it helps you all who still want to use this bot but for free!

Also note…
…that discord changed their bot TOS. Now, ALL BOTS MUST HAVE A PUBLIC PRIVACY POLICY regardless of their size or whether they are verified or not.

It’s simple. Just make a privacy policy on a GitHub gist or something. Say what data you save about users etc. So for a verification bot, I assume you’re saving their ROBLOX ID and Discord ID.

Hey Jack,

I appreciate your remarks however, this project has been discontinued for a good time now. It exists for educational purposes on how to run a Discord bot in LUA. There are many alternatives to circumvent the roadblock that Glitched imposed here, which I made clear at the head of this topic.

Also, this is a Roblox verification bot, not a ranking bot. It appears qBot and this bot does two totally different things.

Lastly, the bot itself does not save any data. According to the post:

the bot uses RoVer’s Public API to determine the Roblox identity of Discord users. The creator of RoVer does not have a public privacy policy, but you can see what’s stored in association with your Discord account by following the guide on the link originally attached.


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