Roblox Video Player (Not Maintained)

BRUH, Roblox moderation is a bot


It’s even used in games with animated weapon skins


Update! I’ve found a way to do this. The resolution can be adjusted for lag. Although, I am quite sure that this is against roblox’s TOS. image


The current system is terrible, there is no videos to actually help developers.


Great! You converted the image data to bit data? And does it support color? Looks awesome!

For the least amount of lag and still having high quality you should do like 80x60 size, I think that’s the size that they used in the video

  • I’m sure you will be fine with the ToS, as long as you don’t use copyrighted stuff

Not bit data, but it reads from a 4 dimensional array (FrameNumber > XPixel > YPixel > RGB). Yeah, it supports colour, it’s just that the film that I chose does not include colours.

Quality is an issue. My current pixel data can go up to 8 million lines with the resolution reduced to 10% and playing at 4FPS. (7 minute video)

Do you have any short film suggestions? Preferably under 2 minutes.

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Hm, well you could do the Roblox trailer from 2017 or 2018, that one with the huge red Roblox logo and the jetpack dude if you shorten it


Also maybe @tyridge77 himself could help you out with performance and stuff, he’s the one (with his friend) who created it after all


Wow thank you very much! i just randomally came across this in the latest section and i was actually looking for help with videos. The roblox video frames are not entertaining, so i have to upload my own stuff. It sucks that they have not allowed users to upload videos yet. I mean at least put it in with the roblox beta program.


Pretty sure uploading videos is coming with the creator hub, releasing soon? Perhaps

But some videos might be paid I heard

I can already imagine playing your game trailers in-game n stuff


if they are going to make me pay to upload video like sound, then im just gonna use the classic system and upload images :mad:


It’s probably going to be paid, for now

As long as Roblox isn’t able to fix their moderation system audio and videos will stay paid


the audio moderation system is broken to be honest. I lost 70 robux to moderation thinking audio was distorted


Alright so, I have a question

Are the bits pre-placed or are they being placed every frame? You could just do 80x60 bits pre-placed and color them to the closest color they’re at

Cap it at 30 fps and it should be good


Each pixel (ImgeLabel) is generated beforehand depending on the resolution. For the colour detection, I wrote a python program to encode each frame with each pixel position and RGB value into LUA syntax. The python program can also decrease the video’s resolution and FPS.

30FPS might be a problem. 80 X 60 X 3 X 30 X Seconds (Width X Height X RGB X FPS X Seconds) is a lot of lines. The only thing you can cut down is its width, height and FPS.

I’ve updated the place. It now uses the pixel method.

I’m still working on a way to split the data so that I can import it without crashing studio.

I’m planning to release all of this after it’s done.


What if you load the data to the client before the video loads, and then use that data? Like just a loading screen showing how much data is left of the video(s) which are playable

When it’s loaded you can play it with better performance, right?


The loading/playback isn’t what I’m worried about tho. It’s the uploading of video data into studio itself. Roblox Studio cannot handle a few million lines of code being pasted in at once. I’ll need to split the code in my python program, upload it in parts and merge it again in roblox studio.


Maybe take a look at this thread


I wanted to turn this into an actual game like a movie theater , but for obvious reasons I can’t(TOS and legal reasons and all)

I’d have to make my own movies or maybe I could use public domain movies, but I’m not entirely sure


Mhm, i was reading the comments earlier

You could also ask the directors for permission to use it, or you could try n like stream your own videos