Roblox VR and the new Windows Beta


This doesn’t exactly fit into scripting support, but I put it here anyway.
I am trying to play Roblox VR on my Oculus Rift S for the millionth time. However, recently I was selected to try out the new Windows App Beta. It appears that the new beta not only does not have a VR toggle, but also I can’t revert back to the web version. Worse, as a game developer, I have been trying to get into studio and it doesn’t work there either. I have SteamVR open and running, before you say you should turn that on. For whatever reason, it appears VR support is not in the Windows Beta, calling my computer useless for Roblox VR. Please help.

(also forum mods, sorry this isn’t in some obscure devforum category but i appear to not be able to post to a channel for help with roblox in general)

Yes you can. I have the Roblox Desktop App as well. Just click the 3 dots over at the left, then press settings. Then at the bottom you can disable it