Roblox VR collisions

I Have been working on this game for quite a while now using
Nexus VR for the main code for VR, the game is based off of a popular steam game called Blade and Sorcery.
I want to make it so my avatar stops turning whenever I collide with something, like a wall or an npc
anybody know a way to fix this?

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A hacky way to do it is to just weigh down your character a bunch by welding a part to your humanoid root part (or just use the humanoid root part), enable custom physical properties and make it so heavy that the force used for moving the arm isn’t able to move the body, and when it’s not touching just make it massless using the property or do something like that. That is with my limited knowledge of VR (almost non existent), but maybe there is someone out there that has some more experience?

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Something that I’ve done before was using the AlignOrientation and AlignPosition for your hands. I cannot view the video, but if you want your hands to move to your controllers without going through objects, then this is the solution.


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