Roblox Walking Animation Error

Hey, I’m in a bit of a situation. When I join my dance studio on Roblox, the walking animation is a bit off and the legs don’t move. I checked all the scripts in-studio and can’t seem to find where the source of the problem is. Please help me out. ezgif_com-video-to-gif%20(2)

Are you running any animations on the player when they join? It could be possible that there is an animation with a higher priority and locked legs playing over the default walking animation.


Just checked & none of the animations are currently running when a player joins the game.

Are there any scripts at all that mess with animations?

The only time I see this problem is when a script tampers with the Animate script under characters or there’s something involving characters. Check and see if any of your scripts modify the character, especially in terms of the Animate script. The console may be able to reveal something as well.