ROBLOX Web API for Filtering Strings

Hey everyone, this is just a basic question about ROBLOX Web API, i have to access ROBLOX’s filtering API but i cant find any document about filtering strings. I have an app running with JavaScript, some of things need to check if it will get filtered or not.

I just looked many of Topics but i cant find anything. I found this Swagger UI site but there isnt any docs.

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Don’t believe there are any endpoints available. It seems strings are only filtered on the backend when making a POST request to available endpoints (ie. updating your bio on your profile)

Here are a few requests I’ve made that make me believe this is the case:

Updating my profile bio:

Posting a comment:

Sending a PM:

Nothing else I can see that may run a string through the chat filter API unfortunately.

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I’ll test with some post requests.

It’s a post request so it’s unlikely that it’ll return a filtered version of a string

Actually thats what i need, i just need to check the strings. If the string will be tagged its okay.

I mean it could work in theory if you’re checking the filtered version of the string that is sent/received, but if you’re working with arbitrary strings, your account would be held liable for whatever is sent

Wohoo, new problem. It returns Unauthorized because of there isnt any account logged in…

Yup, so that wont work for me…

Yeah I don’t think any endpoints are available for just filtering strings

Yay, thanks roblox. [charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs]