Roblox web api - Game join settings

Hey, for anyone who is familiar with noblox.js or the roblox web api, is there an api I can call that changes the game join privacy settings? I have found some for chat privacy, but none for this

I like having my joins off, but need to frequently turn them on for a game I play, and am trying to semi-automate this.

I don’t know if this is what you are asking for, but by looking through the roblox API this might be what you are looking for

Swagger UI

I have already looked through the web apis that I know, and ones on this list, and have found none that seem to change that particular setting

Well with a bit of looking in network tab in the console I found this url: which is a post and the payload was: whoCanJoinMeInExperiences:“type goes here”.
So by using axios or a http wrapper of your choice you could send a post request to the url. However you would need to include your cookies and get your X-CSRF token so if your using a public hosting then I suggest you use a .env file but you don’t need to worry if it is local

Hmm alright, will try soon on vs, thanks!