Roblox web client crashing after 15-20 minutes

Engine Bugs: Launcher will crash after minutes of playtime in any experience, giving the message.

The web client will seems to crash in any experience after different amounts of playtime. It could happen earlier or even later, giving the message "An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit, We’re sorry!"

This happens in the web client and in UWP
Starting around May for the web and October for UWP, in which the client was updated with the anti-cheat.


Open the launcher in any experience:

  • Play the game normally.
  • The game will be choppy along with lag spikes on the CPU stat.
  • The game freezes and the client is closed, giving the message "An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit, We’re sorry!".

Windows 10 Pro / 2H2 / 9045.3930

The crash times end up being different but it is inside any experience.

Crash Dump



We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue and will start investigating, we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!

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similar issue happening to our game, at random the game crashes for any player.

using the Roblox Player and also during Team Testing on Roblox Studio.


any update on this?

the game we are developing is constantly crashing randomly during testing, and the team is getting frustrated with this error. we can’t play properly.

I’ve had a similar issue, but I had a pretty old system (from around 2013), and when I upgraded my pc, Roblox doesn’t really crash anymore. So it could be maybe the cpu, gpu, motherboard that is giving errors and Roblox is just crashing because of it. That’s just my guess.


As of one month, the crashing has stopped and I have been able to play the game normally.

It seems like the issue was fixed with an update that rolled around the start of March. I have not crashed since then and couldn’t be more relieved about that fact after spending so much time with the issue.

I kept the topic open just in case for anything, but it’s been a long time now so I believe I can finally put this to a close and report that everything is now fine with the web version on my end.

Though, I really hope those involved in this topic get some followup in case they are still having the same problem.

I appreciate the attention and help I’ve received from the mods on this whole crashing ordeal. They’ve been super nice and helpful to me.

Best wishes to all.