Roblox webpage concept art


Remember the last time I made a concept art of roblox’s webpage?

Now, here’s the new, well, redesigned completely version, with 3 themes.

White mode

Dark mode


How to achieve acrylic?

It's pretty simple, you can refer to Microsoft's design guidelines, or just remember the steps below:

Blur the background, darken the blur layer, tint, apply noise texture

Why did I create this?

First of all, I want some feedback on my UI designs with concept art. And, of course, we know Roblox's webpage is clutter, so, I was thinking, why not try to create concept art that looks less clutter and tends to be much cleaner, perhaps Roblox will take a look at it?

The acrylic looks super clean and sleek so I would pick that over dark and light theme. Overall great job on all of them.


i think it was better version of roblox and also it look very nice with the roblox logo. i thinking this is a good one. keep going man !

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Looks cool!

But where do ads go :thinking:

they are pop up ads

Just kidding, the concept art there is when the user has premium, when the user don’t, probably will resize the sections to fit the ads

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rest in pieces roblox ads 2020 ):


I love this!! I wish I could see more developers redesigning Roblox’s UI

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Yes, please! If Roblox turned more application-based (with an actual client on the computer - also allows for more control and possible anti-cheat) and used these designs, then that’d be a big step up!

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Roblox should hire you, ngl. (30chrs)

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All of them looks really clean and beautiful. I think the acrylic version looks better for console than the website itself. And the ads can just be on the sides and reduce the space between each game picture. Overall; an amazing job!

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Oh my… That looks amazing, anything else looks perfect. I have nothing to say, it looks really amazing, I love it!

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Real nice! Is it okay if I try to make a stylesheet based off of this Acrylic design?

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it look like Creative Tim Now UI

That looks very good! And the categories are on the side and can be opened by clicking on the three lines. Also, the ads would go on the sides, top, and bottom like normally I presume (since it looks pretty empty).

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