Roblox Website Bug: Settings Tab Doesn't Go Down

(Only reply with useful information for the Roblox engineers to not lose time).

Bug description:

When you click the settings icon being in the Roblox Beta Program, the tab will slide up and down when you scroll down the page, not following your rhythm through the website.

How to recreate the bug.

  • Be in the Roblox Beta Program so you see exactly what I see, and have the exact navigator + the Ecosia plugin shown below.
  • Click onto the settings icon, and:
  • Scroll down to see that the settings tab doesn’t follow you as it should.

Navigator version, and more information:

Microsoft Edge:

Plugin (Ecosia):

Bug Gyazo replay:


  • Members that aren’t in the Beta Program still have this issue.
  • Without the Ecosia plugin, it still happens.
  • This happens in every Roblox website (game page, profile, home, etcetera), for everyone (possibly, I think by the answers shown in this post), and in different navigators

It’s likely the Ecosia plugin. I have everything else listed to recreate the bug besides the Ecosia plugin, and I am not able to recreate the bug.

I tried it myself, (No plugins and a different web browser) It could be a Beta program issue or either everyone has this issue.

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You do have it. The settings tab is doing the exact same thing. Not being like “glued” to where it should be.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.