Roblox website concept art

I find the current website a bit infuriating, especially the chat offset issue, and the number of navigation buttons the website has. So I decided to design a concept art of Roblox’s website.

(why this looks like X1’s UI)


I can definitely see this be the design of ROBLOX on a console, but I don’t really know if it fits the style of a website.

In my opinion, there’s too much empty space on the right. I understand how it will probably be filled up in the top once a user has more friends, but don’t know about the big chunk of the screen in the bottom right half of the screen, that is mostly empty. I don’t blame you though, as I too am having troubles figuring out what could possible be there.

I would suggest adding things on the top right of the screen for settings, the user’s Robux balance, and notifications.

Overall, a nice concept design. Keep up the good work!


No, this is pretty much-made with sketch, and javascript is my nightmare, apart from that, most of the languages I am pretty much fine with it.

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looks pretty cool, it seems like they would make the console ui look like this

I could prob make that in html and css. If you want we could both make it and send it to roblox and try to show them what we can do/what the website should look llike?
It would be pretty cool to make it too
Also if you wanna see a website i created for a school project here it is

o-m-g is looks epic (30 char )

i think that roblox wouldnt see it if you send it to them, and customer service wont be able to do anything

You have to contact the web development engineering team manually, to get their attention.

I am attempting to contact the studio core engineering team, to get their attention at my new developer console design, as well as the Linux port question

i think they get hundreds of emails and messages each day, im not sure if they will see it, but you can try if you want to

FYI: They did look at my design, still waiting for response though

how u know, and that was fast
30 charecters

They sent a message back, saying it looks cool

screenhot it and send it in the reply

Not gonna lie, this looks great!

I want this on my Xbox One console, please.

Here’s a screenshot, involving my friend and a Roblox administrator, which is responsible for the development (pretty sure)

Though, they kinda disappeared, so, I don’t know what’s the status

oh cool that they respond, nice to see that roblox comunicates with there fans, but we dont know if they will use the design

That would probably be used for Xbox players cause it just looks like a Console main screen not a PC.

I think that overall it’s a great design. Like others say though, I’m not sure this fits with a website theme, and I envision it more as a console interface, or as a desktop app. Still, great job designing.

I actually really like this, it is very smooth. This seems like an amazing concept for a console. I dont really see this being used as a site design. Though I definitely love this for a console.

Wow! Such an amazing work. It reminds me the console theme. I really like it, but I can’t really imagine it being the Robloc Website

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