Roblox Website Down (Datastore and Group API not Working)



Some EndPoint return HTTP Too many request, and group section does not working, people are also reporting datastore bug.

Expected behavior

API Should Return Regular data And datastore should work as expected and does not return error.


Can replicate the problem, GetRankInGroup seems to return error 503 on most attempts. Further more, joining games seems not possible, usually ending in the “Error starting experience” or 503 error similarly to GetRankInGroup.


Also experiencing this on some auth endpoints

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It seems like I am unable to join games. It waits for a server, even when I try to join existing servers

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The entire website is down at the moment, it has been since atleast 9 OM (GMT)

View the live status at

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You don’t need to make a bug report whenever the website is down, it’s always being worked on whenever it happens


Roblox his aware of the problems and is working on it, this topic was created about 1-2 hours ago before the current state of the site when no one had yet agreed on the problem.

Follow from now the status here:


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