Roblox website: Site can't be reached

Just wanted to bring this to attention: is currently down, confirmed by many others.
However, reports no problem currently (1:18 AM). is reporting a major spike in outages.


Just came back up for me at 1:22 AM CST.

I do not have this problem. Maybe it is a problem in your country? My Roblox is working fine.

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Is AT&T your internet service provider? Do you have the same issue with other websites too?


Roblox was the only website down, and it was happening to multiple people in multiple timezones. A friend was disconnected from a Roblox game at the same time.
You can see the spike on the downdetector website at about 1 AM.

It’s all up and running now though.

Can’t say I’m having any issues with Roblox itself (UK). My internet in general has been shockingly bad over the past few days or so, to the extent that several of my devices have been frequently disconnecting.

Status+ doesn’t seem to be reporting any problems at the moment with the US servers.

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Looks like the original issue is resolved and people that are posting here in the past few hours are confusing it with the avatar-related issues that have been happening the past few days. So locking this report to prevent further off-topic responses.