ROBLOX Windows 10 app bugs

Firstly, when I log in with my alt and log out when a video is playing on a game, when I have logged out the song will still play.

Secondly, I just can’t seem to log in on Younite. I use my exact same password on the app, yet it doesn’t log me in, but an account with less characters in the password does.

(I don’t use the app, I just noticed these bugs when I was taking a look at it.)

How many characters was the password that worked? What I really want to know is how long was the password that didn’t work but that seems like a question you would probably not want to answer.

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No I can answer that question.

My account has 15 digits and my alt has 10.

It could be that the Windows 10 app doesn’t support special characters in passwords that your main might use but your alt didn’t.

My alt has special characters

Every single special character your main uses?

No, obviously. I use different passwords on all my accounts.

Yes, obviously the passwords are different since they’re not the same length. What I’m asking is if the main password uses “%”, “!”, and “?”, does the alt password include all of those, only some, or different special characters entirely?

I don’t want to give away my password, but my alt account doesn’t use those symbols.

Those were example symbols… Third rewording: Make a list of the special characters in your main account’s password. Does the alt account incorporate all of the special characters on that list? Does it only use some of the ones on the list? Does it not use any of the ones on the list?

I’d rather do that in a private message to staff than on the forums lol.

The most likely culprit is a space. An engineer will check this thread at some point. Thanks for the bug report Younite!

No problem Becky!

I’m just wanting to say that, even though the app has been updated a lot, the bug is still there. Just wanted to bump the thread in case some engineers were getting around to looking at the client in some point.

No rush :]

Hi Younite. I’m sorry you’re still unable to log into the Windows 10 App with that account.

Do you get any error message?

Can you do an experiment to help narrow down the problem to the account or the password? Specifically, to change the password on a random alt account of yours to match Younite’s and see if you can log in? That would eliminate or confirm the theory that it’s only your password that may be the problem. You can change the alt’s password again after the experiment to maintain Younite’s unique pairing.

Can confirm that the same password used on my alt and my normal account doesnt work.

I’m guessing most likely that there are symbols not being allowed for password creation on the client?

@Younite I am now able to reproduce this issue and have filed a bug. Thank you again for your patience!

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