ROBLOXCRITICAL Data Persistence CURL Error: Couldn't Resolve Host Name

This bug has already been posted by Firebrand1, however it was not labeled ROBLOXCRITICAL and I am unsure if any admin has noticed it yet.

Data persistence loading has been bugged since about noon CDT Friday. I’ve seen reports of people having the same problem in other games around the same time so I don’t believe this is a bug isolated to me. I have done testing on about 4 places and the bug will occur regardless of whether anything had been previously saved to the place or the user.

Whenever this bug occurs there will be a warning and an error in the Server Log console tab:


httpGet failed. Trying again. Error: CURL error (curl_easy_perform): Couldn’t resolve host name (6) Elapsed time: 0.220257


Content failed because CURL error (curl_easy_perform): Couldn’t resolve host name (6)

This bug happens most of the times that I’d join a server and rarely would properly load, so it is possible to get around it by just rejoining a lot.

Saving however seems to be fine and works independently of this error; however when this error occurs and anything new is saved then everything that wasn’t loaded is deleted. This may cause players to start over and unknowingly clear data that is still there, or cause an autosave feature to automatically do that for them.

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DataPersistence is deprecated and no longer supported. If you still haven’t converted to DataStores despite given all the time in the world, that’s not ROBLOX’s fault.

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I do understand that data persistence is deprecated; however, according to the Steps to Report a Bug this is still something necessary to report.

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It was due to the Dyn DDoS attack on Friday, although I’m not sure why it’s still having DNS errors.

Are these servers that were running during the attack itself?

It’s possible that I had been on a few, but most servers I tested I can confirm were started today.

Thanks for reporting this, we are taking a look.

Edit: There were some DNS misconfiguration issues, they are being addressed.

sorry not on topic exactly but this involves using cURL with roblox addresses.

I have a library which i use for my web based bot for roblox, Things like [ Auto Ranking group members, shouting in groups, sending PMs, etc ] Though recently whenever I try to use this it returns with an

http_code 0

could this be for the same reason?

A HTTP code of 0 from cURL means your requests are failing for some reason but you haven’t provided enough information for anyone to tell you why that’s happening. Try following the advice from this stackoverflow post: to get more information. If you need further help you can PM me or one of the other people on this forum who are familiar with cURL / HTTP.