[ROBLOXCRITICAL] failing to join game with error 268 unexpected client behaviour 100% of the time

Failing to join this game:

with this error:
100% of the time on windows PC client. Other games seem to work. Was some sort of flag set?


I’m having the same issue with my own game, some of my players are reporting this to me and I’m experiencing this issue too.

Currently happening for players in World // Zero as well. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

Can repro for RoBeats. Cannot repro for Arsenal (the only two games I decided to test).

This is incredibly critical and needs urgent attention from engineers.

Checked this game, and this is what I found

However after testing some of my own games, I did not find this issue

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@spotco You should try rejoining your game now, the error has seemed to resolve itself
I do not believe that this is a roblox critical error as well Edit: Roblox has resolved the error, see post below

Hey just a note, this was a security check that malfunctioned; we have fixed the problem and it shouldn’t happen anymore - it was highly game specific (only affected some games)


Hi @zeuxcg,

Since you mentioned that it only affects some games, how can we opt out from getting our games effected by Roblox testing new features or Updates, some of us might not want our games to be broken without a notice, especially a Front Page game.

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They likely select people from the BETA program.

It being “game specific” does not necessarily mean that changes were made that only applied to these specific games. It is more likely that they mean that the issues only manifested on these specific games, caused by changes that applied to all games.


Yes that’s correct. Normally issues like this are caught in QA long before the update reaches production (or in early testing on production on special servers that only our QA team can join), but if an issue doesn’t affect all games it can be missed.

This is still happening with my friends game, rovive teleportservice is not working for him and his entire game is basically down right now. But my issue is a bit different, its not allowing me to join the game itself and just gives me an error when I try to join a server

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This just started happening again after the update on Wednesday, any word on a fix?


Please file a new bug report. This specific issue is resolved (cannot repro it anymore).