ROBLOXCRITICAL: Games inexplicably being set to private


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When my game went private all the VIP servers were fine.

I logged on to see if any of my games were affected again. None were thankfully.


I hope we get to see an #public:incident-reports about this, so we can know exactly what went down and why this happened.


Not sure if this is related, but my game also experienced a similar unexpected configuration change last night. The game was previously only available on computer only. I just noticed on the Dev Stats page that last night at midnight (Roblox site time), it randomly became available on phone and tablet.

I will attach screenshots of the stats chart and the audit log for the group which holds the game. You can see no one changed the game setting at that time. Only two people have access to the configuration and we haven’t changed platform access recently. The game is Emergency Response: Liberty County.

This is slightly problematic because my game is paid access, and somewhat expensive. People who bought it on phone or tablet will no longer get to play what they paid for (assuming they don’t play on PC), and we will probably get negative feedback for it (complaints, dislikes).


Interesting. Possible that it’s related. May require a separate bug report.


This happened to a game that was associated with a group my friend owned. He was recently banned (unjustly, but I digress) however his game remained up and making money until this occurred. I’m still apart of the group but as a co-owner and I can’t edit any assets to make the game active again.

A lot of people purchased items from that game and even though we won’t be seeing a penny from it I don’t think it’s fair to the people who have paid for the in-game products since they wont be able to use it anymore.

Will, there be a solution implemented for this?


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Within the last 24 hours all the places in my Final Stand 2 game had their access to consoles disabled rather than being made private. After checking the universe I did indeed have one of those bot places in there, but it was added 4 days ago. It was easy enough re-enable access, but would this issue be related at all?