ROBLOXCRITICAL: Games inexplicably being set to private


My game, Ultimate Driving, was inexplicably set to Private within the last hour. Apparently this is not limited to just my own game, this was reported on Reddit as well, with someone’s group game being shut down by random apparent bot accounts. While my game isn’t part of a group, this seems like the same exact bug between my game and this game from Reddit. Several friends of mine attempting to access my game noticed that the title of the game on the game’s detail page was getting scrambled with other completely random games:

This issue may be similar to a bug report posted a month ago, but given the new information, lack of assistance in that thread, and critical nature of tonight’s incident I’ve posted this in a new thread.

Site bugs like this are appalling and I’m horrified that things like this are still happening on this platform.

Issue also reported here.

Developers need reliable DataStores. What we have now is not acceptable
Phone access was enabled without my consent (12-01-2019)

This is also happening to GFink right now. Do you have your Audit Log public to anyone in the group?


Ultimate Driving is not a group game.


Thank you for the report.

Our engineering team has been alerted to help us look into it.


This happened to my game Purple Skittles as well. I checked the audit log and nothing was there relating to the game becoming private.


Engineers have released an update that should hopefully fix the remaining issues. If you see anything out of the ordinary again please let us know.


The following games are still private:

Keep in mind these are only the games I noticed were set to private. There may be many more.


Some of my games were randomly made private too:


Thanks for the list.

We have contacted the developers of these games notifying them about the fix.

A fix is now live which should help with this issue. Feel free to set your games back to public.


If you don’t mind me asking, why did this occur? Guessing it has something to do with a new place/profile change?


Is this true or just a rumor? If so, should we be concerned?


If you look on page 5 of my group Temple of Brickbattle’s audit log, 2 botted users appear as having edited my game Doomspire Brickbattle’s place activation settings (whether it’s private or public) who were never even in the group to begin with. My group’s audit log is public to anyone who joins the group. Although this isn’t proof that it was a hack, I think it’s definitely worth investigating.


Later on in that Twitter thread I linked the user said something about your game. Yikes. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious. Definitely want to hear more from staff about anything they discover.


Vesteria was made private. I had to just re-activate it. Gave me a small heart attack when someone on twitter said the game was disabled. I thought we were scrubbed by a mod or something for breaking some obscure rule. Back to sleep now :sleepy:

There was no reference of any accounts activating or deactivating our game in the audit log.


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This happened to my game overnight, so my game was private for what looks like 3 hours before I woke up and was able to notice

Kinda upsetting I was running sponsors at the time too, and just lost 3 hours of advertisement time.


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:warning: If your game was taken down, check your Game’s places! Remove any places you do not recognize immediately as they may have access to your DataStores and source code! :warning:


Island Royale and Royale High have also been hit.

Island Royale is still private because jared is still :sleeping:


I was hit by this too. If a game goes private will players lose their VIP servers? If they do, will Roblox be reimbursing players who lost their VIP servers in the shut down?


Good question. Haven’t thought about this