[ROBLOXCRITICAL] In-game Products/Gamepass failing for all games; still subtracts Robux

Whenever I purchase something in-game, be it a Gamepass or product the product fails but still subtracts Robux from your account. This is happening to a lot of people in my game, so I tested it out on multiple places.

I tried it with Jailbreak and my own game.


This is a major issue, because people are trying to buy multiple of the same gamepass and it keeps on subtracting Robux

Buying gamepasses from the site still works.


I am experiencing the same issue. Purchases I make do not go through and I lose the Robux.

The issue also occurs with purchasing access to games. Access isn’t given, purchase goes through.

Same with me, lost robux, didn’t receive my product.


This is a good opportunity to flick an in-game “transaction kill-switch” if you got one.

Can you check, on the website, if the purchases show up in the “My Transactions” section (accessible by clicking the sidebar, “Trade”, and clicking the “My Transactions” tab)? I’m not sure if this would assist staff but the more data the better.


Thank you for escalating this issue. Our engineering team have been alerted and are actively investigating.

We will follow up with updates.


Can also confirm, lots of people from by new startup service are experiencing issues, this needs to be addressed, and affected people need to be somehow refunded.


Our engineering team is actively investigating, we’re looking into the root cause and the potential impact.


Thanks for the swift update! Hopefully this can get fixed soon - I’ve already began to receive angry comments.

I checked the revenue by line item and can’t find a reference to their purchase


Same thing here, this is going to severely impact my service’s reputation if it isn’t sorted soon.


im still waiting for someone to message me something like that lol

this is going to make a lot of players think we are scamming and then they’ll all be wanting their robux back

Thank you for quickly escalating this issue to us.

Our engineering team has resolved the purchasing issues and we’re currently analyzing impact from our end.


Wow that problem if it is necessary to fix fast, people will feel cheated. :hushed:

I confirm. I am getting many complaints from my players.
Happening in Horse World and Farm World.

How to go about it for gameowners?

I’m guessing it will be a yes, but before I release a statement to my users, will you be refunding the affected people?

Doesn’t roblox automatically refund failed purchases after the 3 day waiting period?


wow they fixed that very quickly. kudos!

Not sure… Either way, I’d like the clarification, because purchases made during this bug was happening won’t appear in your transaction logs, so I’m not sure if that will affect Roblox’s automatic systems or not :confused:


I’ve been getting many complaints. I hope those who have purchased items get refunded, or rewarded their in-game items!! Oh god. :frowning:


It might be a good idea to put one of those banner things on the Roblox website once a fix has been issued with some explanation, a lot of users are going after Game Devs and calling them “scammers” due to this issue, and some explanation from Roblox themselves would really help calm the situation.