[ROBLOXCRITICAL.] Ordered data store GetAsync returning nil

I’m currently testing out GetAsync on Ordered data store, and all values being returned are nil.
This issue wasn’t present yesterday and I haven’t changed my code.

I should add, I’m testing this from both within studio and in online play.

https://www.roblox.com/games/186847702/Temple-of-Memories#!/game-instances is currently losing important player data because of this issue, as the returned value is nil, and pcall doesn’t seem to catch any errors appearantly in this case.

The code hasn’t been changed for months, and has worked until now.

It is broken right now
They break it ALL the time so I usually have a backup datastore
There are no errors either so you can’t use error-catching to prevent data from being overwritten

Gosh, I spent the last two hours trying to work out why my code wasn’t working.

Moved to client bugs.

Would be wise to add ROBLOXCRITICAL.


This should be fixed momentarily. Sorry about that.


Will datastores still have the last value that was saved? There wasn’t an error so data has actually been overwritten and we had no control.

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I’m afraid I can’t say right now because I don’t know what the error was.

But it should stop happening now.

Stuff is working again.

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