[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Platform unuseable for some users over the last 2 hours

Since 7:18 AM UTC the platform has been suffering intermittent problems including but not limited to:

  • CDN failing to deliver content
  • APIs not responding
  • Players losing connection to games (Adopt Me went from 84k to 43k)
  • Developers unable to open studio
  • Players unable to join games

Errors I have been getting from web endpoints are primarily timeouts and empty response

Player numbers and traffic still appear depressed from where they would normally be at this time of day so sending out this thread in case ops are not aware :slight_smile:


I am having this issue as well on the Mobile App.


Our engineers are currently investigating the issue, thank you for the report and for your patience!


Just thought I’d mention this as well:

HttpService errors such as NetFail / ConnectFail / SslConnectFail have been spiking since some time during Wednesday, getting better during Thursday, and today they’ve been worse than Wednesday. But it seems like it’s not just been happening today.


Everything was bad for me for 4 hours, but everything seems to be working now and quickly.

UPDATE: Roblox has removed the banner they had up relating to this issue–seems to be fixed now.


This should be resolved. Thanks again for your vigilance!


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