[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Search totally broken on site

Currently, the:

  • Player Search
  • Games Search
  • Catalog Search
  • Library Search
  • Group Search

are completely offline. Any attempt to search anything will result in this:


This is a site wide issue affecting every game, group, and user, so I believe it counts as ROBLOXCRITICAL. I am unsure as to when this started but it is currently in full effect.

Thank you.


For myself, search is working fine aside from group search. Perhaps it’s in the midst of being fixed.

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It had a hiccup in my first attempt, now everything searches ‘properly’ for me though. This is on desktop pc. It seems most like a heavy server load or something to me.

My guess is it’s in the middle of being fixed. Good to make roblox aware of this still that it’s still being iffy.