Robloxia Revamp Opening

Some background:

I’m gonna try summing up a very long story in as short as possible. I was a huge fan of the OG Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, and in February of 2016, I finally decided to remake the original game. Unfortunately, in June of that same year, I was forced to give up on the idea and move on. Fast Forward to November this year, and, another long story short, I decided to get back on the project.

Where is the game at right now?

The game is fully functional from a playable standpoint. It is lacking in some key features, but for the most part, the core functionality of the game is working. If you would like to see how functional the game is, please check it out below.

Some screenshots:


What I'm looking for:

I’m looking for a motivated individual to help finish the game. I’ll be there to help out if needed, building assets or helping with the coding. The only thing I ask of you is to provide something viable to prove that you are adequate for the job(chances are, if you’re a member, you’ll be fine)


All I ask for is 15% of the games total revenue. That’s all.

How to apply:

I’d ask that you apply through the devforums messages. Before you apply, please wait at least 24 hours to sit on the idea before you hit send! I want to make sure that you really want this to happen too.


Thanks for reading,


Dang, the nostalgia hit straight away as I saw “Town of Robloxia”

It’s nice to see someone remaking the original - good luck!


This is a really good idea! I always love to see an old nostalgic game being remade into the modern times.

Do you mean we get 15%, or you get 15%? :thinking:

Also, I have another question: are you looking for a developer from a specific field (building, scripting, …) or a developer that can cover all of these aspects?


I think Splandex is getting 15% of the revenue.

Coolio! I’ll apply! I’ve contacted you!

What @Splandex means is that all he wants is 15 percent of the funds from the game.

I meant I get 15%. Sorry for the lack of clarification.


The position is still open as of this moment. If you would like to contact me through discord, you can contact me @[Generic Name]#6036

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