Robloxian Highschool: Class Minigames Update

Finally, at long last, we have added class minigames to Robloxian Highschool; these aren’t your typical highschool classes! Robloxian Highschool also has a new map: we took the best parts of the last map and condensed it all into an easier to navigate and use area!

Fun Facts:

  • Play them whenever!
  • Earn Coins based off of how well you do!
    Rewards only given during class rotation
  • There are four of them, to start off with!
  • The newly redesigned map allows for more players on lower-end devices to be able to play now!

Disco Spleef is our music class, which takes after the classic spleef game mode and adds our own twist. Your grade is based off of how long you stay alive! The tiles actively change based on the music that is playing, creating neat patterns. Along with these patterns come Bonus tiles. When you knock out these bonus tiles, you earn one point per tile. Your time alive is reset when you fall, but your bonus will stay!

Swordfight is our history class. Since the maps that you fight on are classic Roblox levels! Currently we only have Crossroads, but more will be coming in the near future (such as Sword Fights On The Heights V, Roblox World Headquarters and Happy Home). Your grade is comes from how many people you knock out, and dying doesn’t subtract from it! The closer you hit, the more damage is taken. One more thing, the swords are also wooden, not metal!

Dodgeball is our gym class. Dodge the large balls and don’t get hit! Your grade depends on how many people you can hit. When a ball strikes your character, you aren’t out! Just enjoy being flung for a little bit!

Last but not least, Thermal Reaction is our science class. The main objective here is to stay on your team’s side! Your grade is based on how much damage you take.

  • Fire Fighters shoot water pellets which turn into puddles when they land. If you are On Fire, make sure not to touch these, as they will damage you!
  • Same goes for the people On Fire, but they shoot fire pellets, which turn into fire puddles!

To balance out the game, we have added Beacons. Once touched you earn some extra points and swap sides!

Main Updates:

  • New Map
  • New School
    • Now a teleport hub for the map, with teleports to many popular areas of the map
    • Most classrooms are minigame classrooms, but we have retained some for roleplay!
    • Now has an actual janitor closet
    • Every room is instanced now
  • Teleport back to school doors around map
  • Class Minigames: Disco Spleef, Thermal Reaction, Sword Fight, Dodgeball
  • New Teleport Prompt
  • Roleplay Props: Wooden Sword, Phone and Camera
    • Can be found in the Items category in Shop!
  • Refreshed mobile driving controls
    • Steering wheel replaced with left/center/right buttons.
    • Tap and slide to each button for easiest use!

Bug Fixes

  • Radios can now overlap! No longer do other peoples radios stop yours from playing.
  • Activating the DJ booth no longer leads to death
  • Housing parties can now be started outside of school hours once again
  • Vehicle sounds now play after getting in for second time
  • Interior teleport transition now super smooth
  • Character no longer gets stuck when exiting a vehicle
  • No more item duplication in backpack!

Thanks to the amazing Robloxian Highschool team for their hard work in getting this update out!

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