Robloxian Ministries Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring Newsletter (1)

This is a newsletter to the Robloxian Ministries congregation for Spring 2021 (Northern Hemisphere). If it is not Spring 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere, this newsletter is outdated.

March 22, 2021,

To the congregation of Robloxian Ministries,

The moment I am writing this right now, it has officially been 4 months since our online church started. These past months have been amazing. I have seen friendships been formed, hearts brought closer to God, and youth more eager than ever before to attend church.

What is the secret here? Children have the attention span of a fly when it comes to sitting in pews and listening to a sermon. However, with RM, we’ve been able to get youth eager for learning.

If there is already a church that is appealable and interesting to youth, there is no need for other programs like Sunday School. If sermons are easy to understand, then everyone can be included in and understand services.

The word ‘online’ is amazing. It means you don’t have to drive for 1 hour to get to a book club. It means you don’t have to bike to an art class every week. It means you don’t have to do much to access whatever you need. Online means you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

One of the stories I’ve built RM on is about a tax collector named Zacchaeus. He went to a crowd to see Jesus, but couldn’t because he was too short. Instead of Jesus saying meet me by the temple or the hill, he told Zacchaeus that he would meet him in his home. In the comfort of his own home, where he didn’t have to take a long journey to see him. I see the importance of reaching out to people where they’re comfortable: home.
We reach people where they’re at.

Below is a schedule of events happening this season.

Palm Sunday Service: 4:00p ET on March 28, 2021

Maundy Thursday Service: 8:00p ET on April 1, 2021

Good Friday Service: 6:00p ET on April 2, 2021

Easter Day Service: 7:00p ET on April 4, 2021

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