- Free Roblox user creation livestream

How ironic this is. I accidentally friended a new account by viewing this website and then he follows me in game apparently this guy lost his main roblox account and it had premium but he didn’t verify via email so he had to make a new account. For a second he thought I was roblox adding him as a friend :joy:

Lovely website for those who want to troll new users but genuinely I could watch the numbers go up all day and meet new people!

Please add dark mode. It will make your website better.

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I just added a dark mode option at the top right corner of the site, since it was recommended by you, @yourfavoritenoob_acc, and quite a few others.

Enjoy, and thanks for the good suggestion!


Thank you so much for adding a dark mode option!

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I could watch this forever.Nice work!


Most of the new users seem to be offline bacon accounts… wouldn’t they be online if they just signed up?

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The fact that they are all bacons makes perfect sense, as the default avatar for newly created Roblox accounts is indeed the bacon. When I check the online status of the users from the stream through Roblox’s API ({USERID}/onlinestatus/ is the specific endpoint) I see most users as being online. What are you using to see online status?

They are new accounts, however, I did check the join date and it seems that some of the live logs are around 1hr behind.

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Yeah, but they were all the male one and not the female chestnut hair.

I think I used the circle on the user’s profile that indicates their status.

Suggestion: make a line chart that charts how many accounts are created per time unit and stats on # of accounts with popular username terms

An API would be pretty nice to use.

On rare occasions such as when my server or roblox goes down it can temporarily lag behind. Most of the time though, it should be within about 5 seconds of being live.

this is so cool :0 especially the part that shows the live user count. Do you have plans to open source the site? As someone who has interest in these web type projects I’d love to learn how you did certain aspects of your site.