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I like live streams, and I like websites. One day I woke up and I thought it would be cool if there was a website that showed you the usernames of Roblox users being created in live time. I thought that such a thing must already exist, but a quick Google search didn’t yield anything like I had in mind. So, long story short, I decided to develop

Here is a link to the main page:

On this page you can find a live counter displaying the number of users that have been created on, and a live stream of the usernames of users being created.

I’m going to refrain from explaining in detail how this works here to prevent this post from becoming too verbose, and to encourage you to check out for yourself. You can find more info about each project in the “How does this work?” section.

This forum mostly consists of content relating to the Roblox game engine, but I thought I would post this here anyway. Hopefully this site and it’s services will be useful to someone for something sometime (possibly for statistical or analytical purposes).

Huge thanks to @okfalse for maintaining RoProxy. I was using my own proxies for a while, but Roblox’s recent rate limit increases have made that too expensive, and so I have switched to using RoProxy for the time being.


I could watch this forever.

This is amazing! I love the technical explanations, especially the live counter one since I had planned on making one a while back but was afraid of getting IP banned from the sheer number of requests you’d have to make to update this fast.

I have a a suggestion:

  • API endpoints

Yes, as I explain in the Live Roblox User Count and Stream’s “How does it work?” section, I do use a few proxies backend to get around rate limits.

If the site does get enough support, I definitely may add a public API. I would love to see other developers using the systems I have set up for other purposes.


Interesting website. Very cool!


This is really amazing. I really love the animation for the Live Roblox Username Stream. I can think of many useful things you can do with this. :grinning:

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Wow, this is a really awesome website! I can’t wait for the public API so I can use this in studio. Also, I think you misspelled the “” in the title…


This is extremely impressive. It’s rare to find someone with the actual technical knowledge required to make something like this, and then even describe it for others who are curious (like me). I love the live stream, please don’t take it down in a month. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is very cool!

I like the live player joining page, and the home page is nicely made!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Do you have plans to cover all names? If not, at least plans to list & store users that are being searched for? You can use Roblox api to get the user.

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I feel like a god looking at all the new accounts being created at once.

This is really cool.

Do you ever plan on making a dark mode in the future?


Begs you to wonder how many famous accounts are being made the second you look at it (probably not many, but still neat nonetheless)

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It’s cool! It’s lightning speed. I hope you succeed in your project!

This is really cool! It doesn’t lag and it’s super fast!!! Well made

I’m glad you like it! Yes it looks as though I did misspell it, thank you for pointing that out; I’ll fix it now.

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I don’t plan to cover all names, as the point of this project was to allow people to view and query the data from only the most recently created users, rather than the entire collection of all users ever created.

However a site as you suggested could make for a very cool project in itself. It would probably involve essentially creating a duplicate of Roblox’s user database to query yourself though, which is not what is intended to do.

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The Live Roblox User Count and Stream is the one thing that might be a bit difficult to turn into a studio usable API. The reason for this is that the stream itself uses WebSockets, which unfortunately are not currently supported by studio. In order for the API for the stream to be usable in studio, I would either have to implement an alternative HTTP GET request endpoint or Roblox would need to give studio WebSocket client support.

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If I get enough people asking me to add dark mode as an option, yes, I may add it. As someone who mainly uses dark mode whenever possible myself, I could see how it could be a nice feature.

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Lol imagine if one day it just stopped


Oh wow, that’s a lot of users! Nice website!

Yep shouldn’t be too hard, just make a toggle that changes the body’s CSS background-color to #121212 and make it save locally using localStorage in JS