RobloxOS 1.14.2 9/14/2019 Modernization Update

The RobloxOS Modernization Update:
Update: 1.02-1.14.2

Major Features:

  • Cool Tween Effects
  • draggable frames

Update Log:

  • added trees outside the house
  • bug fixes and UI Optimization
  • some core Ui removed
  • cool tween effect for action center and start menu, so they pop left/up and down/right, like Windows
  • spider clicker game moved to app store
  • info updated, and other fixes
  • and more that i likely added

Previous Update:

  • Log Out
  • Action Center
  • Sleep
  • Restart
  • Info
  • and bug fixes

Want to try the game?

Please like and fav if you think it’s good, I know suggesting to play isn’t good for here, but if you stumbled upon this, at least you can check it out.

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