RobloxOS User-Made Programs Update Log and Update Info! 1.15 9/18/2019

RobloxOS Verison: 1.15
User-Made Programs Update Log and Update Info!

Major Features:

  • User-Made Programs! Want to make one? Join our discord server on the game page!
  • New User-Created Program and App Store Changes.

Other Changes:

  • All Major Features
  • Major Bug Fixes Regarding App Store and UI Optimization.
  • and more, sort of…

Play the game:

Consider Liking, Following, and maybe Favoriting the game if you think it’s cool!

All rules regarding User-Made Programs are here:

  • NO MODEL FILES! Only roblox place files will be allowed.
  • you need to give clear info on Name, Description, category, and the roblox image icon link
  • make sure it follows Roblox’s rules, and if it contains future pro features such as Custom Images, you need to tell us this.
  • RobloxOS Viruses are okay as long as it does not break the game.
  • Sharing of the program can be done in #share-program-ideas on the discord server!
  • if you join our discord server, please read the #rules

P.S: Roblox, if i cant use the word Discord, please tell me, or anybody else in a message to me on Roblox or DevForums.

idk what else to say, If i have any other rules regarding program sharing it can be done on the discord server!


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