.roblox's 10000 triangle limit keeps holding me back

i am trying to model my first gun in blender, when I was done I realised that the mesh had a total of 200,000 triangles, mostly due to the base, because of that the p250 gets very wonky and weird, with a final total of about 60,000 triangles
I need to somehow decrease the triangle count without destroying the gun entirely p2502.fbx (2.2 MB)

Now I’m not exactly the best and reducing verts and tris, especially from the number your gun is currently at, but I noticed that along many of the sides there were just tons and tons of pointless triangles. In fact, those triangles kind of made the gun look worse because they added a messy texture to it.
I would say that you should dissolve many of the useless vertices/edges that just lie in the middle, adding triangles. If you do this enough, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to bring it to Roblox’s limit, but you can bring it down a ton and use other methods to get it to the tri limit. Also, I believe I saw a post about Roblox automatically bringing meshes down to the limit, but I do not know how well it works.

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To be honest 10,000 triangles is more than enough for a gun as simple as the p250. You should really look into some tutorials, especially about topology and optimization. I recommend this tutorial to get you started