Roblox's Built In Sound Effects

Roblox’s Built In Audio Tools

First of all, it’s important to note the basic functions of the Sound object.

There’s 2 different types of sound, 3D and 2D. 2D plays from a specific part, 3D plays throughout the entire workspace. Here’s some articles about Sound and Music

Roblox also has built in sound effects that you can use: Chorus, Compressor, Distortion, Echo, Equalizer, Flange, PitchShift, Reverb, and Tremelo.

For the sake of the examples, the effects will be extremely emphasized


Chorus basically copies a sound multiple times and plays them at the same time, creating a detune effect.

Without Chorus

With Chorus


Compressing audio is when you lower the loudest sounds while increasing the whole volume, leading to a tighter range in volume.

Without Compressor

With Compressor


Distortion is intentionally creating a clipping sound, which is when an amplifier or other audio device attempts to output sound outside of its maximum volume range; usually achieved by increasing the gain.

Without Distortion

With Distortion (Volume warning!)


Echo, referred to more as “Delay” is when an audio is repeated multiple times on a delay (hence the name), gradually decreasing in volume.

Without Echo

With Echo


An extremely important tool in sound design, an equalizer allows you to change the presence of different frequencies in audio.

Without EQ

With EQ (Filtering out the low end)


Flangers create a “sweeping” effect on audio. Essentially it also copies the audio (like the chorus) and plays it on top of the original with the tiniest amount of delay, causing the frequencies of the two audios to sweep back and forth.

Without Flanger

With Flanger


I think this is self explanatory– changes the pitch of the audio. (Keep in mind this will reduce the quality of the audio.


Reverb is the effect of sound reflecting off surfaces back to the listener.

Without Reverb

With Reverb


Tremelo creates a wobbling effect by raising and lowering the volume of the audio.

Without Tremelo

With Tremelo

Well, those were pretty bad explanations honestly. But I hoped the examples helped.


This was a great guide to all the effects in studio. I just found out about the effects and can’t wait to use them to make SFX more epic!


Whaaat. I never knew about these built-in sound effects! Thank you for this guide, or I wouldn’t have known about these effects.

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